Jarrett's List as of Saturday July 26, 2014

Great Prices on Some Good Fly Fishing Gear

This is our place to post quality used gear and discontinued merchandise at sale prices. Please check out the details below.


One used Sage 890-4 TCR, $350.00. This is a nine foot eight weight, four piece fly rod. This is an extremely fast action rod. This rod is ideal for the long cast or for casting heavy or air resistant flies and is definitely not for close up fishing. This would be a great rod for redfish, bonefish, or on local bass and pike waters. Rod is in good condition with original rod tube and sock. No warranty.

One used Orvis 909-2 Acccess nine weight fly rod, $350.00. This is a two piece tip flex saltwater fly rod that is great for stripers, bluefish, false albacore, bonito and if you live in the South, reds, snook, and big Florida strain largemouth. Great where the wind is a factor and you need to punch big flies upwind. Built with the new technology, proprietary tapers and actions developed with Helios line of rods. Made in USA. In original rod tube. No warranty.

One Payne 3/2 bamboo fly rod, $2,000.00. This is an eight and a half foot. three piece five weight equivalent. In mint condition in original tube with extra tip.

One new Payne graphite 2 piece six weight, $450.00. The original owner was trying to get $600. It's a beauty and and very smooth to cast. With aluminum rod tube and sock.

One used Powell W880, $100.00. This is an eight foot, two piece, five weight fly rod. This is a graphite rod built by Powell out of Chico, California. From what I can find out, this rod was built by the original Powell company, not the current Powell rod company. At this price, I would say that this is another good rod as a back up or as a starter rod for a beginner. In original rod tube and sock, no warranty.

All remaining stock of Scott S4 series rods are on sale at $445.00! Scott introduced a new all water rod last summer called the Radian. The Radian replaces the S4 in Scott's lineup and we have the S4's priced to move. The S4 is a fast action high performance rod. Original retail on the S4 was $745.00. All models are four piece rods with full warranties and in their original tubes and rod socks. I have an nine foot seven, nine foot eight, two eight foot fours and one eight foot three weights left. Come cast an S4 and see what high performance means, or try out the new Radian while you're here..

Remaining stock of Ross rods on sale over 30 percent off! There are only a handful left! Thiis includes one three weight and one eight weight Essence FC, and an eight and a ten weight bass rod under the name Flystik. All models are four piece rods. The Essence FC's and Flystiks are priced at $115.00. Anyone looking for an affordable bass or pike/musky rod should consider these rods. All rods come in the original tube and have full lifetime warranties.


One used Billy Pate Bonefish reel, $425.00.  Original retail is $530.00This is a beauty! It is "the" anti-reverse reel from the same makers as Tibor reels. Black anodized finish with a bonefish etched into the frame. Features a rebuilt drag system in a left-hand retrieve, with original neoprene reel case.

One used Tibor light Tail Water CL reel, $300.00. Tibor, mostly known for their saltwater reels, made this sweet little trout reel. It will fit a five or six weight line. The reel is in a beautiful custom moss color. There are two minor scratches on the back of the reel frame, otherwise it is in very good condition. With original neoprene case.

One used Scientific Anglers System 11 fly reel, $150.00. Made by Hardy in England for Scientific Anglers.  From what I can find, this is a 70's vintage reel and a has double click and pawl set up just like the Hardy Marquis. This is just as good a spey reel as any of the Marquis Salmon series and is between the size of a Marquis Salmon1 and Salmon2. Reel is in good condition with minor cosmetic scratches on the frame. It is set up for right hand retrieve. Will hold up to 200 yards of backing depending on the size of the backing. With original zippered reel case, a sink tip line, and backing.

All remaining stock of Ross Vexis fly reels are $100.00 off! One of the cooler looking reels the Ross produced. We have two left in sizes 1.0 and 1.5 line weights two through five. Black or grey mist colors available depending on reel size. In original boxes and cases with warranties.

Wading Boots:

New low price! All remaining stock of Korkers Metalhead and Chrome wading boots are discontinued and priced to move! The Metalheads are $45.00 off and the Chromes are $55.00 off. Regular retail on these was $159.99 and $189.99 respectively. Both feature the stainless steel BOA lacing system making them super easy to get on and off. Like all of Korkers wading boots, they feature two Omnitrax interchangeable soles. One sole is traditional felt and the other is Kling-on rubber, meant to be used where felt is banned. There are other styles of soles available such as studded felt and studded Kling-on for additional traction or to simply replace a worn out sole.

All remaining stock of Korkers Hyjack wading shoes are 40 percent off! Regular retail was $109.99. The Hyjack wading shoe is designed to be worn while wet wading. The upper is made to drain and dry quickly with lots of venting. I wear mine while backpacking as I can hike and fish in the same shoe and maintain a minimalist style. This shoe also features Korkers Omnitrax interchangeable soles. The shoes come with Korkers Kling-on wading sole. Other sole options are available for this shoe like felt, studded felt, studded Kling-on, or alumatrax.


New low price! Brand new Patagonia Gunnison Gorge wading pants are marked down to $209.99. Original retail on these was $299.99. Patagonia has revised this true pant wader for 2014. They are a waist high stockingfoot wader utilizing Patagonia's H2No breathable fabric for all day comfort and waterproof-ness. Perfect for New Mexico fishing where water depth isn't much of an issue. Help us make room for the new stuff and consider a pant for your next wader.

New low price! Brand new 2012 and earlier Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders are $135.00 off! Patagonia revised these waders for 2013. We still have some of the older versions in stock. Regular retail on these waders was $449.99. Waist mounted suspenders easily convert waders from chest high to waist high. Waders feature merino wool lined booties for superior wicking and warmth. Includes patch kit.

One used Orivs boot foot chest high waders, $75.00. The size is an extra small with a size 6 foot. Waders are in very good condition, and comes with it's original stuff sack.

Prices on some items are negotiable and others are firm, especially on consignment items. Please call or e-mail the shop if you'd like to make an offer on anything.

Come in the shop and check out our 24/7/365 Garage Sale rack. People are trading in some of their old gear and converting it into store credit on a new toy. This stuff turns over fast, so if you are interested in something in particular, give us a call and see what we got.

We offer free shipping on orders over $300.00! We sell discontinued product, clearance items, and used consignment gear all the time. Please call or e-mail the shop if you have something you'd like to purchase, sell or if you want to buy something not listed here. You can reach us at hda@highdesertangler.com or 505-988-7688 in Santa Fe and 888-988-7688 out of Santa Fe. We try to update the list if anything sells or at least weekly.

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