Jarrett's List as of Monday October 31, 2016

Great Prices on Some Good Fly Fishing Gear

This is our place to post quality used gear and new discontinued merchandise at sale prices. Please check out the details below.

We have had advanced word from our rod manufacturers as to what is new and what is being discontinued. Sage has discontinued the ONE and CIRCA rods from their line up and Scott has discontinued their A4 model. We have them priced competitively starting at 30 percent off! Please call the shop for details.

One new Scott S4s 9010/4 Pike/Muskie rod, $465.00. Original retail on this rod was $795.00. We've knocked the price down to 40% off! This is a nine foot, four piece ten weight rod. It is the predecessor to the new Meridian rod. The S4s is an ultra-fast rod designed for, as the name implies, pike and muskie , but can be used for big game fish like king salmon, small tarpon, large permit, roosterfish, dorado, yellowtail and yellowfin tuna. Comes in it's original sock and tube with full warranty.

One new Sage 370-4 Response, $225.00. Price has been slashed another $50.00!! Original retail on this rod was $350.00 This is a fast action seven foot three weight rod. It's a four piece rod making it a good choice for a backpack rod or whenever portability is key. The fast action helps to turn over wind resistant hoppers and get some distance out of your casts. It almost feels like a four weight. Comes in original rod tube with full warranty.

One new Ross Fly Stik Heavy, $100.00. Original retail was $180.00. This is a seven foot eleven inch ten weight rod. It is a four piece model that comes in at under eight feet making it tournament legal for bass. This stout little rod is great for bass, pike, musky and even for saltwater. It's short length is great for fishing from a boat as you can bring your flies that much closer to the boat. This one is also negotiable. In original tube with full warranty.

One never used Orvis 763-4 ZG Helios mid-flex, $400.00. Original retail was $755.00. This is a four piece seven foot six inch three weight rod. One of Orvis's mid-flex Helios rods that is incredibly light. Most casters report that it is extremely accurate and very responsive. This one has never been fished and is in mint condition. In original tube and sock. The warranty card is missing but might still be covered if it hasn't already been registered.

One never used Orvis 865-4 ZG Helios mid-flex, $400.00. Original retail was $775.00. This is a four piece eight foot six inch five weight rod. One of Orvis's mid-flex Helios rods that is incredibly light. Most casters report that it is extremely accurate and very responsive. This one has never been fished and is in mint condition. In original tube and sock. The warranty card is missing but might still be covered if it hasn't already been registered.

One used Los Pinos Custom Rods Sage 480-3 SP, $300.00. This is a custom built rod by Los Pinos Custom Rods of Albuquerque for the High Desert Angler in the mid-nineties. The SP was the top of the line blank from Sage in the nineties and still has a following today. It is a fast action three piece eight foot four weight rod. This model is in excellent condition and looks like it has been fished only a handful of times if even that. In original rod tube and sock.

One used Thomas and Thomas DH 1409-5 Spey rod, $500.00. Original price was $900.00. It is a fourteen foot nine weight double handed rod designed to target anadromous fish like Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead on large rivers where covering ground and having a rod to turn those torpedoes. It is a smooth loading, deeper flexing light weight yet powerful rod. It does show some cosmetic wear on the grips, other than that, it is in very good condition with light use. In original tube and sock.

One used Cabelas 1005-4 CZN rod, $70.00. This is a ten foot four piece five weight rod designed for European nymphing techniques. This long, lightweight rod, and supple tip and stiff butt provides the line control and feel required for this method of nymphing. These rods also excel at standard indicator nymphing especially from a float tube or drift boat. Used only a few times and in near new condition. Cabelas return policy may apply, otherwise, no warranty.

One used TFO Left Kreh Professional Series 9 foot 9 weight rod, $100.00. This is a medium fast action rod that is smooth casting and powerful. Many of these rods are purchased as a backup but often get top billing. It has oversized stripping guides typical of rods designed for saltwater. In original sock. TFO makes you buy the tube separately and like a lot of TFO rods we get, this one only has the sock. No warranty.

Price Further Reduced! One used G Loomis Streamdance GLX, $250.00. This is a ten foot, four piece five weight rod. This is a fast action rod that excels at throwing streamers or nymph rigs on bigger rivers. The extra foot allows for mending and line control like high sticking over faster currents. This rod also appears to still be current in Loomis' line up. There is a very small chip in the cork otherwise this rod is in great condition. In original sock and tube. No warranty.

One never used Orvis Trident TLS, $300.00. This one is a nine foot nine weight two piece rod. It's their tip flex model which is generally a bit harder for a beginning angler to cast, but can handle wind and distance in the hands of an accomplished caster. The rod is in new condition and still has the tag on it. The rod tube is original but a little scuffed up. No warranty.

One used Orvis Green Mountain rod, $100.00. This is an older four piece eight foot six inch six weight. It has a downlocking reel seat which was typical of a late eighties or early nineties produced rod. The rod is in good shape with the usual soiling on the cork. Rod tube is dent free but the finish is coming off. In it's original sock and aluminum rod tube. No warranty.

One used LL Bean rod, $100.00. This one is a  four piece eight foot six weight rod. The is no model designation on the rod or tube, but it could be an older Double L model. Both rod and tube are in good shape, except the usual soiling on the cork. In original aluminum tube and sock. No warranty.

One used Ross CLA 5 reel, $185.00. This reel has been discontinued from Ross last year. This reel has a large enough arbor to accommodate eight weight lines to ten weights or spey lines. It's easy to change from left to right hand. The finish is black in new condition with no scratches or dings. The seller is including an eight weight intermediate line and 250 yards of backing. In original neoprene case and box.

Price Further Reduced!! One new Sage 3850 CF reel, $150.00. This is one of Sage's 3800 Series reels sized for a five weight line. The frame is blaze orange with a carbon fiber spool. This is a discontinued reel by Sage but is new in box with warranty.

One used Sage 3500D reel and spare spool, $350.00. Original retail on the reel was $650.00 and the spool was $290.00. This is a very, very seldom used reel. It was used as a spare reel on three trips for roosterfish in Baja over the last ten years. It was a top of the line reel from Sage that has some incredible stopping power designed for the rigors of saltwater fly fishing. It will hold 200 yards of 30# backing with a ten weight line. Both reel and spool are black in color and have the original neoprene cases and original box for the reel.

Other Stuff:
One almost new Titan Rod Vault Pro rooftop rod carrier, asking $400.00.  This one was used about six times, but will not fit on a new Forerunner. It was only used to transport rods to and from the San Juan River by one of my customers. It had been taken off of the vehicle when not in use. Includes all original hardware. This model will fit three fully rigged ten foot fly rods. You'll save at least $50.00 in shipping from the manufacturer if you can pick it up in Santa Fe. Shipping is not offered on this item due to the over-sized length.    

Prices on some items are negotiable and others are firm, especially on consignment items. Please call or e-mail the shop if you'd like to make an offer on anything.

Come in the shop and check out our 24/7/365 Garage Sale rack. People are trading in some of their old gear and converting it into store credit on a new toy. This stuff turns over fast, so if you are interested in something in particular, give us a call and see what we got.

We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $300.00. Photos are available upon request. We sell discontinued product, clearance items, and used consignment gear all the time. Please call or e-mail the shop if you have something you'd like to purchase, sell or if you want to buy something not listed here.We try to update the list if anything sells or at least weekly. You can reach us at hda@highdesertangler.com or 505-988-7688. Your source for fly fishing in New Mexico!

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