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Updated May 19, 2020
Pecos River
  • Be Aware! The middle section of the Pecos River is closed. This includes Bert Clancey, Terrerro Campground, Jamie Koch Day Use, and Mora Campground. That section is patrolled and the forest service ranger will ask you to leave that area! There are NO campgrounds or bathroom facilitiies that are open to the public. Please pack out your trash. Private still means private. 

  • Hatches: Miller Moths, a few stones, a few caddis...

  • Patterns: Stonefly Nymphs, HDA Fave Variants, mop flies, perdichingons

The river past iit's peak spring runoff. The water is slightly green and very fishable. Not a lot of stoneflies flying yet but that hatch is imminent. The summer fare for flies like caddis larvae, baetis nymps are getting some attention, but it's still the bigger stonefly nymphs and San Juan worms that are picking up the majority of the fish. Please respect the landowners and stay out of any private property along the river. There has been a lot of traffic in the Pecos canyon and with the closures poaching is on the increase and most property owners I know of are getting very edgy. 


The Pecos National Historical Park’s Spring Fishing Season has been suspended  See the Park's website at for more info.

Chama River
Village of Chama
  • Hatches: none

  • Patterns: Stonefly Nymphs, San Juan worms 

Below Heron
  • Hatches: none yet

  • Patterns: stonefly nymphs, San Juan worms, crane fly larvae 

Below El Vado
  • Hatches:  midges, blue-winged olives

  • Patterns:  cranefly larvae, stonefly nymphs, streamers, San Juan worms 

No Gage Available
Below Abiquiu
  • Hatches:​  Midges, blue-winged olives

  • Patterns:  cranefly larvae, stonefly nymphs, streamers, San Juan worms

Village of Chama: The upper Chama in the Sargent WMA could be closed. There is very vague ews from Game and Fish on what is open or closed. The river is still in runoff and the narrow confines of this section make wading impossible. Once runoff starts, it'll usually not fish well until June. This years lower snowpack could up that time frame. Stay tuned. 


Below Heron: The river flowing into El Vado is coming down daily but too big to really wade. Stonefly nymphs are active and dredging the pools has produced a few good fish. Access is an issue. The Rio Chama Wildlife Area could also be closed and Heron Lake State Park will remain closed through labor day weekend.  

Below El Vado:  The release is up to 511 cfs It means that you can no longer wade accross the river. You can access at Cooper's but it hass been very busy like everywhere else. It's all big nymphs and streamers. 


Below Abiquiu:  Work in the river below Abiquiu is complete. You can now acccess the river from the dam on weekdays. The gate is being locked on weekends. The release is up and will likely stay high with water demand increasing further south. Despite the extra water the clarity is fairly good. If you go, the same fly choices here also work for the river below El Vado. San Juan worms, cranefly larvae, stonefly nymphs and streamers. 

The Chama River above El Vado Reservoir, downstream of the stream gauge at Cooper's Ranch,  and below Abiquiu Dam are Special Trout Waters with reduced bag limits or catch and release only rules. Please report anyone to New Mexico Game and Fish at 1-800-432-4263.  The Chama River below Abiquiu Dam has a daily bag limit of 3 fish.

Rio Grande
  • Hatches:​  Sporadic Insignificant Midge and Baetis    

  • Patterns:  Crane Bombs, Warden's Worries, Searchers, Sculpzillas 

The Rio has peaked and we probably won't see an increase in flow barring any high dam release in Colorado. Clarity isn't great around Pilar but it is better up in the gorge. I've had good reports from those who have walked in. The Rio as a whole has had a lot of pressure with other closures still in effect. All of the campgrounds are closed.  River traffic and boating is increasing with the warmer weather at Pilar  

Jemez Mountain Streams
  • Hatches:​ Some caddis and some stoneflies   

  • Patterns: caddis emergers, HDA Favorites, Perdichingons  

The Jemez streams are fishing well despite them getting low as runoff is long gone here. Most accesses are very busy so plan on hiking if you want to get away from the crowds. All of the campgrounds remain closed and parking is limited. Fenton Lake State Park is closed and you may be aked to leave if you go in there. The upper stretches of the East Fork, San Antonio, and Cebolla offer the best fishing in the Jemez. Forest Road 376 is closed limiting access to the Guadalupe. The Valles Caldera is still closed . Please see their website for details at

The Fishing Program on the Valles Caldera National Preserve is now under National Park Service rules. There is no longer a reservation system. It's all fisrt come first served until all of the backcountry access permits are issued for the day.  Please see the Preserve's website for more details. 

San Juan River

Navajo Lake State Park and the San Juan River Quality waters remain closed by order of the governor due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat in San Juan County. Cimarron State Park is the only state park with decent flyfishing open for day use only.

Currently it's a midges, baetis, and annelids game. Some dry fly fishing on midge clusters. Baetis still work in the afternoons with a foam wing being the top roducer. 

The Special Trout Water section is all catch and release and has a two fly only rule. If you see someone in violation, turn them into Game and Fish at 1-800-432-4263. Officers have been checking people for licenses, barbless flies, and the number of flies on your rig! File those barbs or go barbless, as the fines are steep!

Conejos River
  • Hatches: Stoneflies in the nest few weeks  

  • Patterns: Twenty Bombs, Golden Tungstones, Pat's Rubberlegs, Warden's Worries

  • Hatches:    Midges 

  • Patterns: Zebra midges Twenty Bombs, Golden Tungstones, Pat's Rubberlegs, 

The Conejos is also experiencing spring runoff. The lower river is big and wading is mpossible. The upper river is good despite the high release out of Platoro reservoir. Wading is not an option. Stoneflies are molting and the most active. San Juan worms in red are a great choice in the meadows and they work better in muddier conditions down low. The best set up reported has been a big stonefly nymph with a trailing tungsten salvation.

If you're fishing elsewhere in the area and need current flow data you can likely find information from these links.

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