Stream Report

Updated November 19, 2021
Pecos River
  • The middle section of the Pecos River is now the Pecos Canyon State Park. This includes Bert Clancey, Terrerro Campground, Jamie Koch Day Use, and Mora Campground. A day use fee of $5.00 is now being enforced. Look for the pay stations.

  • Hatches: Midges, some Blue-winged Olives, Terrestrials

  • Patterns: Zebra Midge, UV midge emerger, split case BWO's, parachute adams, low water baetis


The river is slowing with the onset of cooler weather.  Wait until sun hits the water before you go. Your standard dry-droppers with a small buoyant hopper as an indicator and a trailing baetis nymph or midge emerger is still the set up. Please  respect the landowners and stay out of any private property along the river.  


The Pecos National Historical Park's fall season has ended. The fall fishing dates were September 9 to November 15. Look to fish here in the spring time. See the Park's website at for more info.

Chama River
Village of Chama
  • Hatches: Midges, some Blue-winged Olives

  • Patterns: Micromays, Perdichingons, Zebra Midges, 

Below Heron
  • Hatches: midges, some Blue-winged Olives

  • Patterns: Crane Bombs, Mop Flies, Sculpzillas, Baetis Bombs

Below El Vado

  • Hatches: some baetis

  • Patterns: Crane Bombs, Mop Flies, Sculpzillas, Baetis Bombs
No Gage Available
Below Abiquiu
  • Hatches: midges, some Blue-winged olives, some Trico's

  • Patterns: Crane Bombs, Mop Flies, Sculpzillas, Beatis Bombs


Village of Chama: The upper Chama in very low and clear. Fishing has slowed with the cooler weather. There is warmer water and better fishing downstream of Sargents. Fish the warmest part of the warmer days if you go.  

Near Heron: This section of river is low and clear. Pretty much the same set up as everywhere else. Fish a small buoyant dry with a small midge or baetis nymph as the dropper.  

Below El Vado:  The high release over the weekends is over. Outflow out of El Vado is matching the low inflow and will likely  throughout the winter.  The river is murky so use flies that have some flash and a little color.  

Below Abiquiu:  The river below the dam is at a very wadeable level, however it is also very murky. People are catching fish here, but not in big numbers because of the clarity.  

The Chama River above El Vado Reservoir, downstream of the stream gauge at Cooper's Ranch,  and below Abiquiu Dam are Special Trout Waters with reduced bag limits or catch and release only rules. Please report anyone to New Mexico Game and Fish at 1-800-432-4263.  The Chama River below Abiquiu Dam has a daily bag limit of 3 fish.

Rio Grande
  • Hatches:​ Midges, some Blue-winged olives, Terrestrials  

  • Patterns:  Crane Bombs, Warden's Worries, Searchers, HDA Fave Variants, Beatis Bombs, Zebra Midges 


The Rio is fishing well. Currently it's has about 3 feet of visibility. The river came up slightly in flow with the end of irrigation season in Colorado. A double nymph rig under a strike indicator is the best setup. 

Jemez Mountain Streams
  • Hatches:​ Midges, some Blue-winged Olives, Terrestrials

  • Patterns: Kingfisher Hoppers, Stimulators, HDA Favorites, Zebra Midges


The Jemez streams like most of our mountain streams are fishing a little slower with the onset of winter.  well. Hopper-dropper rigs are a perfect set up right now in the low and clear water.  For fishing in the Valles Caldera , please see their website for info at

The Fishing Program on the Valles Caldera National Preserve is now under National Park Service rules. There is no longer a reservation system. It's all fisrt come first served until all of the backcountry access permits are issued for the day.  Please see the Preserve's website for more details. 

San Juan River

Navajo Lake State Park and the San Juan River Quality waters are now open! 


Hatches: Blue-winged olives, midges

Patterns: UV Midge Emergers, Bling Midges, Johnny Flash, Split-Case BWO's

Rumor has it that there will be a release of up to 2000 cfs from Navajo Dam to send down the Colorado River system on November 1st. Just a rumor mind you, but maybe fish it now before the incresase in flows. Please support the local Navajo Dam shops if you need stuff. They have had a tough time with COVID.  It's baetis time and the fishing is good. Midges in the mornings and baetis in the afternoons. 

The Special Trout Water section is all catch and release and has a two fly only rule. If you see someone in violation, turn them into Game and Fish at 1-800-432-4263. Officers have been checking people for licenses, barbless flies, and the number of flies on your rig! File those barbs or go barbless, as the fines are steep!

Conejos River
  • Hatches: midges, some Blue winged-olives, grasshoppers 

  • Patterns: Chubby Chernobyl's, , Frenchies, micro mayfly, Zebra Midge

  • Hatches: Midges

  • Patterns: micro mayfly, red annelids, uv midge emerger


The water is low and clear. The low winter release below Platoro is in effect.  The meadows are tough at these flows but everything else downstream is should fish better, Find the warmer water basically and fish during the warmest part of the day.   

If you're fishing elsewhere in the area and need current flow data you can likely find information from these links.